Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Mix That Kix

The iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music. With the uprising of the iPod came the downfall of something that is now what I call a lost art.  What is this art form you might ask?  What I’m talking about is the CD Mix tape.  (yes I know it’s not really a tape, but I just like that phrase). I feel like the youth of today are deeply deprived of something amazing. They don’t even realize what they’re missing out on. I don’t get it... what do they do now days? “Hey plug your iPod into my Macbook Pro I have a mix I want to share with you?” hmmm seems strange,  to be honest I feel bad for the youth of today for this reason alone. I found my old CD case you know one of those big ones stuffed to the brim with 4 CD’s per pocket.  I started looking through the case and remembered the hours on end my high school friends and I would spend making a “new mix”.  Once the new mix was made you’d put it in your CD player and listen to it over and over and over.  Maybe this is why I have so many songs from the early 2000’s memorized.  Well blogging world, get ready for what’s about to hit you, because with the “new mix”, also came a fancy name you had to write and decorate on the CD.  I was hysterically laughing as I was looking through my CD’s and wanted to share some of the names with you.  Disclaimer:  Please do not judge me I was in high school a lot has changed since then.  Second disclaimer:  the list below portrays actual spellings from the mix tapes I know I spelled them wrong.  I just thought it was cool to use x’s in place ck’s and stuff like that. 

It's Nacho Business
Slow Trax
Time to Get Down
Tizzzzight Mix
Our Chill Mix
Popular Shiz
Giddy Up (some sort of lame country mix)
Smooth Grooves
Once In a Lifetime ( love mix duh)
Pool Side Mix
Sexual Chocolate (infamous amongst the high school friends)
Cutie Mix
It's All in The Lyrics
Hot T's and Gummy B's
Slow Your Roll
Bust a Move
Country Masterpiece
Sassin It Up
Car Jams
Spring Break It Up
Ghetto Girls
Love Jams
See Ya In 2 Mix (A mix for someone leaving on their mission?)
The You Fell For Me Mix
A Mix That Kix
Romantic Smooth Grooves

Just in case you were wondering, none of these mix names are copyrighted you may use any you see fit for your iPod playlists. I will also hold hope that the CD mix tape will make a comeback, let's just hope it's not as big of a disaster as Brit Spears comeback in 2007 things really haven't been the same since.


  1. thank you for this! oh that list, hahaha!!! I'm so glad I have kept my mix tape CD's. I remember taking so much time and thought into naming the mix and drawing designs on the CD. oh boy.

  2. Bahahaha I am peeing my pants right now! We were sooo ghetto!! Like really, who were we?

  3. how hilarious that I can remember songs from almost every single one of those mixes! wow... those were the days!

  4. P.S. Sassin it up was TOTALLY my mix!!! I think I burned it for Coco! That or we are just both equally lame in naming mix tapes??!

  5. "Love Shackin'Civic Mix" is beyond my favorite from my collection! Which was named accidently by mispelling "Shaking"!

  6. That was awesome! I surely appreciated that walk down high school lane.