Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Angel

Disclaimer: This is going to be a serious blog post. If you’re not in the mood for anything cheesy or mushy, please come back for the next blog post, but these are my thoughts lately. .

Life has been interesting the past couple of weeks. About a week and half ago I was involved in a serious car accident. First things first I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but here’s the truth. I’m very lucky to be alive after such a serious accident. Second, I am even more lucky that I wasn’t seriously injured, or really injured at all for that matter. Besides some whiplash and a few bruises I came out of the accident alive and well, which I am very grateful for. I used the word luck above, but I need to give credit where credit is deserved. I know that I was being watched over from up above and it wasn’t just luck that saved me. I couldn’t help but think of who was watching over and protecting me in that moment; maybe sweet Ali, or Grandpa McElhiney. I may never know who it was, but I am certain it was the will of God that preserved my life that night. The craziest part of the whole thing is that the accident lasted longer than most, so I actually had the time to think “this is it... my life is over, this is how I’m going to die.” I’ve never actually had a moment like this before, and it’s pretty crazy if you do actually live through it. It’s sad that sometimes this is what it takes for us to open our eyes to our life. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance (this could be my third or fourth... it’s been a crazy year), but I know there’s things I need, and get to accomplish in this life and I’m excited to see what’s in store for me. Sometimes it’s experiences like this that get us thinking about the real meaning of life and what is important and what should be important, versus the things that we sometimes think are important that really are not important. There are always things that we can improve on and I’m glad to have the opportunity to become a better person. In the article “How Will You Measure Your Life?” Clayton M Christensen wrote “Don’t worry about the level of Individual prominence you have achieved; worry about the individuals you have helped become better people. This is my final recommendation: Think about the metric by which your life will be judged, and make a resolution to live every day so that in the end, your life will be judged a success.” This article was written by Clayton M. Christensen and can be found in the Harvard Business Review. You may also click this link to see the whole article. http://arikjohnson.posterous.com/how-will-you-measure-your-life-by-clayton-m-c it is very inspiring, so if you have the time you should read it. I want to thank all of my friends and family members who have touched my life. I’m grateful to have such amazing people in my life. I’m also grateful that I’m here to share this season of life with you.

Here’s a picture of the car this is the back perspective underneath the semi truck. I didn’t get any other pictures I was too in shock at the time to think about it, but this will give you an idea of how serious the accident was.
Side note: You may be wondering why the title of this blog post is Baby Angel.  It is, because Annie started calling me Baby Angel since the accident... I sort of like it.


  1. so so scary, and so glad you're ok.

    love yah

  2. bitty.... i think black subarus are bad luck! glad you are safe and sound.

  3. it's because you are so itty bitty. thank the heavens. so scary lucky duck. there must be some big plans for you :)

  4. how come nobody tells me anything that happens! I am so glad you are ok. Heaven knows we dont need any more tragedies in our family. love you Bittay

  5. Holy COW. I loved this post Bits. LOVED. And it's so true. It was definitely something I needed to read today- and I thank the heavens above you're still here!! I cannot believe that picture.

    Love you. Lunch soon!

  6. Geez Bitty! I'm so glad you are okay, that looked terrible. Goodness! Talk about a new perspective. Clayton Christensen is a prominent LDS man here in Boston and Harvard. He is a Harvard business school professor and I've listened to him speak a couple of times. His son is the second counselor in our ward. SO glad you are okay!