Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Accident Blog

I'm beginning to think I should call my blog the accidental accident blog.  Why? I'll tell you why... BECAUSE I'M SO ACCIDENT PRONE.  Let me back up here.  I adapted this thing from my friend Mel called tri-fecta Saturdays.  This is where you participate in three different types of activities on any given Saturday.  For those of us who work full time we have to get as much in as we can on our Saturdays. Anyway yesterday to start of the tri-fecta I met up at Snowbird with these cats:

Then after I got back from skiing etc. I went climbing at The Front. To top of the tri-fecta Saturday I went to a birthday party (which happened to be a dance party).  I decided to wear these shoes, which happen to be my favorite lately, because they look like a flat boot, but they have a secret hidden wedge heel.
Well after being at the party for about a hour and a half I decide it was time to go dance.  I start dancing and within a minute I rolled my ankle which dropped me straight to the ground.  I would be lying if I said it wasn't super embarrassing, but it was hilarious.  I walked out of the dance room doing the pain laugh, you know the one you do when you're in a lot of pain, but you're trying to pretend you're not.  This is what I woke up to this morning.
SWOLLEN ANKLE... My point of this all is I don't get hurt skiing, I don't get hurt climbing, but I get hurt wearing hidden heels on the dance floor. Hey, at least life is pretty entertaining for me.  Here's to tri-fecta Saturdays!


  1. oh no! hope you're've been thru quite the ringer these past few months!

    good memory at least!

  2. BITTY!!!!! swollen!!!! shoot. You executed that fall so smoothly that I thought 'i wish i looked as cool as her.' those hidden wedges will getcha.

    ice that baby. and be back to your bitty self.