Friday, April 8, 2011

iPhoto Update

A quick update on my life lately through iPhone pictures...

Brunch with my favorite Uncle in NYC

 Seeing this iconic painting in real life at the NYC MOMA
 Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders in Brooklyn, NY
 Bought new powder skis... how would you like this guy starring at you while you ski? Can you say intimidating?
Walked in on this little guy watching a movie by himself.
 Matching couple outfits are my favorite... (the picture's blurry, because I was trying to be discrete)
 Hanging out with this couple for a few days.
Taking high school inspired pictures with this girl...


  1. OMG BItty. that is such a scary pic of me. really scary. im sorry.

  2. Ich würde mich sehr, sehr freuen, wenn du mein Blog verlinken würdest, weil er auch noch ziemlich neu und unbekannt ist. Würde gerne ein paar mehr Leute auf das Blog aufmerksam machen etc. ^_^